Mid Cap Value Equity

The strategy seeks to provide maximum, long-term total return, consistent with reasonable risk to principal, by investing primarily in common stocks of mid cap companies in terms of revenues, assets and market capitalization. Generally, the portfolio will invest in companies with market capitalizations within the range of the Russell Midcap® Value Index at the time of purchase.

  • Asset Class / Style
    U.S. Equity / Value
  • Inception Date
  • Benchmark
    Russell Midcap® Value Index
  • Total Strategy Assets
    $9.46 MM as of 03/31/2021
  • Total Composite Assets
    $9.46 MM as of 03/31/2021


As of 03/31/2021

Total Returns (%)
  • Mid Cap Value Equity - Gross Returns
  • Mid Cap Value Equity - Net Returns
  • Russell Midcap® Value Index
*Since Inception: 06/30/2010

Net of fee returns are calculated using actual management fees. Prior to 1/1/15, both actual management fees and a model fee of 0.75%, the highest investment management fee applicable, were used to calculate net of fees performance. The model fee was applied to the non-fee paying account only, and was deducted in equal installments on a monthly basis. In order to be conservative, prior to 12/31/12, net returns were calculated by only using the highest investment management fee, 0.75%, pro-rated on a monthly basis, and were net of all trading expenses. Total returns assume reinvestment of all dividends. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please refer to the full disclosure found under Strategy Materials.

All periods exceeding one year are annualized.

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