Investment Counselors of Maryland, LLC

Investment Philosophy

We Believe

  • Pricing inefficiencies exist in small and mid cap companies. Therefore, over the long-term, small and mid cap companies should outperform the broad domestic equity market.
  • A focus on companies that trade below historic averages, peer groups and private market value, with strong management and an identifiable catalyst for value realization will provide us with alpha generating opportunities.
  • By building a portfolio of widely diversified, quality stocks we can minimize and control risk.

Investment Process

ICM leverages a bottom-up approach focusing on companies that have attractive valuations, strong balance sheets and generate consistent cash flow. The process combines the focused knowledge of individual sector analysts with the collective experience of the team to find companies that can outperform the broader market over time. ICM's team based approach is nimble, disciplined and collaborative resulting in an efficient and repeatable investment process that adds value over the long term.